The East End of Montreal is taking action!

The initiative D’est en Est aims to mobilize stakeholders to carry out projects and take concrete actions to accelerate the revitalization of the East End of Montreal.

The D'est en Est Steering Committee invites organizations, businesses and citizens who live, work or wish to contribute to the area's vitality to commit to actions (projects or activities) that will contribute to the revitalization of the East End.

A consensus to revitalise the East

  • The community and public decision-makers recognize the East End of Montreal as having great potential for economic, social and environmental revitalization;
  • The Government of Quebec and the City of Montreal signed the Declaration for theRevitalization of the East End of Montreal in 2018;
  • The Government of Canada has repeatedly recognized the growth potential of theEast End of Montreal;
  • The development and revitalization of the East End of Montreal are shared responsibilities that require a strong commitment from governments on structuring issues and a continuous mobilization of all stakeholders.
The East End is an innovative and thriving area that is an integral part of the Island of Montreal's vitality. It is a dynamic, flourishing, accessible and welcoming area for citizens, businesses and organizations. The East End of Montreal is a hub for sustainable development and a great place to live and do business.

Pacte pour l’Est

Considering that:

  • The East End of Montreal is a living environment and an economic space open to outside markets, with a very high potential for attracting citizens, businesses and talent;
  • The East End of Montreal is an area with a significant social mix, with a significant presence of immigrants and people in vulnerable situations;
  • Many socio-economic indicators in the territory are below the Quebec average;
  • The contamination of many lands and the lack of basic infrastructure around them hinders the development of the area;
  • The East End of Montreal is facing major challenges in terms of passenger and freight mobility, due to its remoteness and lack of access to public transportation;
  • Passenger mobility is a crucial condition for a territory's socio-economic development and long-term attractiveness;
  • The East End of Montreal offers enormous potential for development, mainly because of its geographic position, strategic infrastructures, and the presence of hubs of expertise, industries and economic segments;
  • Public decision-makers and the local community intend to ensure the territory's sustainable, innovative, prosperous, and inclusive development.

The community and its social actors invite public decision-makers and all levels of government to pursue and accelerate their actions toward the revitalization of the EastEnd of Montreal to:

  • Open up the area, facilitate access and ensure adequate mobility, in particular through the implementation of a structured public transport system connected to the entire metropolitan region;
  • Promote the creation of integrated living environments that include green spaces;
  • Invest in soil decontamination and access to essential public services on undeveloped industrial land;
  • Putting in place the winning conditions, in terms of taxation, legislation and regulation, to allow the development of an innovative and sustainable economy.

Community members commit to concrete actions that will contribute to the following:

Promote economic and territorial development, including:
  • Stimulate job retention and creation;
  • Contribute to the attraction and inclusion of the workforce;
  • Innovate to ensure the competitiveness of the East;
  • Commit to the development of the territory;
  • Boost the image and attractiveness ofthe East End of Montreal.
Promote sustainable development and greater respect for environmental considerations:
  • Take concrete actions in line with the ecological transition;
  • Improve the environmental performance of companies and organizations;
  • Be part of a circular economy dynamic;
  • Develop industrial processes that favour clean technologies.
Contribute to a healthy community and a quality living environment in the East End:
  • Draw on best practice in housing accessibility;
  • Contribute to the improvement of living environments (diversified health, cultural and educational offer);
  • Encourage communication between businesses and citizens;
  • Promote and value equity, inclusion and respect for diversity and social cohesion.

Pacte pour l’Est

View the printable and downloadable version of the Pacte pour l'Est.
Pacte pour l’Est

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The implementation of this initiative is led by a group of organizations and individuals who care about the development of Montreal's East End.

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Multifunctional and mixed-use redevelopment

The redevelopment of the area involves making it multifunctional and mixed-use, both socially and economically. This includes the development of 1,000 family housing units, 20% social and affordable housing, the creation of a civic hub that can include a public school, and the integration of commercial and office spaces.

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I / We commit to:

  • Carry out a project or commitment that is in line with the orientations described above and that respects the principles of consultation, social acceptability and respect for the communities of the East End of Montreal over the next three years;
  • Present this action (project or commitment) at an event related to the D'est en Est initiative;
  • Secure the funding and resources necessary to carry out this project or commitment;
  • Collaborate and work in synergy with the various stakeholders to promote and accelerate the implementation of projects and commitment that will contribute to revitalizing the East End of Montreal.
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